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When passionate people are armed with the latest technology and robust expertise in their field, good things happen. At Engineered Extracts, we’re proving that every day – and we’re making sure that whether you’re a grower, a dispensary or a consumer, our excellent outcomes are available to you at reasonable prices.

Welcome to the world of EE.

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High-Quality Extracts.
Farm-Focused Value.

Engineered Extracts employs the best available processes and tools in our quickly evolving industry to deliver superior cannabis extracts.

Just as important, as part of the High Desert Flower family of companies, we understand farmers’ challenges and are committed to offering value to our Oregon community.

Discover Elevape

When you got it, flaunt it – and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Putting our brand where our mouth is, EE also offers the fruits of its premier extraction services to consumers via dispensaries throughout Oregon. Discover Elevape – our very own signature product offering, featuring our finest extracts and terpene profiles.
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